Squirrel Studies

Today I've been revisiting some old work from my degree. For these quick squirrel studies, I limited myself to around twenty minutes per drawing and used Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens, which are often my weapon of choice. 

If you're a perfectionist looking to loosen up your style of working, these pens are for you! Loaded with Indian ink, their permanence means that you have to deal with little mistakes rather than reaching for an eraser, which can speed up your workflow. For me, these mistakes don't normally impact the finished piece, I simply incorporate them into the work.

Don't be afraid of little imperfections, as they can make hand-drawn artwork more 'human' and add life to your subject. If you're usually very meticulous with your artwork (like me), challenge yourself to create quick sketches by setting a timer and above all, have fun!